we took to the woods

Not much to report on this end.

While there are no seasons, the weather has undeniably changed; instead of steamy and overcast most days, this month we’ve gotten some true clear sun (just a little) and frequent sudden, thunderous downpours.

E has a dance recital this weekend — she is definitely the weakest link in her group, indeed the audience might gather she was put onstage to crash the performance, but she’s also the youngest and newest recruit. BTW, little tip I’ve gathered from attending numerous rehearsals: if you’re going to meet anyone from India for any reason, plan to arrive at least thirty minutes after they tell you to, and bring the newspaper.

Today I walked past a bin of live frogs waiting to be skinned. There was another terrible cat fall at an adjacent building, but because of what happened to Pishka I was prepared to step up through the mingling crowd and get the hurt stray to a vet, and then sit and wait and then arrange for the cremation, etc. And I met some good people.

I love Bikram yoga. I love running, FAST, absolutely blowing past the elderly Chinese with some (very) old music going loud in the headphones (and who knew Neutron Dance is a social justice song?). I just love working out in a hot climate — it is so cathartic to lose that much body fluid as sweat and then drink it all back each day.