we took to the woods

Bought a cargo bike! Lots of fun pedaling around the neighborhood with the girls in the basket behind, pretending we’re in Copenhagen.

E today: “Head of lettuce, ears of corn; what do we buy noses of?” How many kids must have asked this…

She’s working on her strokes, working toward joining the swim team. She’s carrying numbers over to the tens place, but seems to have no head for sight words.

U — or “LuRama” as she calls herself lately, with reference to her new identity as the hero of the Ramayana — is fighting learning any letters at all, fighting her swim coach (hands over ears saying “I can’t hear you!!” or picking his hands off her kickboard as if they were infectious). Today she said to me, “You can’t yell at me because the gods said I am too powerful.”

Looking eagerly forward to seeing Uncle and Bella Luza.

Thinking affectionately of sister’s coming adventures in Denver and abroad!