we took to the woods

Christmas time, or if not Christmas here, faith that somewhere else it is.

I am heartily ready to go, ready to pack up all my now-mildewed possessions and leave this country for good. Please, busy-and-important-people in Europe, make my husband a job offer! Waiting, been waiting, neglecting life in the present, for weeks. If they don’t, I will go anyway, though when the Swedish immigration official on the phone asked, “Do you want to travel in Sweden or live in Sweden?” I was not sure how to reply.

We will take an Emirates red-eye to Colombo on Thursday night, then spend the dawn hours riding down Sri Lanka’s west coast to an Ayurvedic clinic/hotel near Galle. “Musty mansion of the colonial governor, popular with Germans.” Home in four brief days. Somehow I got sick this week, though I never do, with impressive temperatures, but so far no one else has it — fleeting fevers in the girls and no dent in their appetites. There’s probably an herb or a massage oil for that. 🙂

Merry Christmas to all, God Jul.