we took to the woods

Today: open house at the dance studio, and Navam Navratri/Ram Navami pooja.
Our little old car was towed all the way to Baltimore before anybody realized the title was missing, and US Customs won’t permit its export without a title. The vessel on which we booked a place sails for Bremerhaven next week — to be followed by a long chain of carefully planned, contingent events involving flights (Sing-Helsinki-Warsaw-Gdansk), hotels, ferries (Gdynia-Karlskrona), real estate agents and chimney repairmen. The car really has to make that boat. I waited all day for morning to arrive in America, and discovered that the title is in the mail — to Singapore! With two business days left in which to produce a new title and get it to the port in Maryland, A. and I worked for much of last night to find a way. Will Plan B work? Still waiting to see what will happen.